third rail

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a rail through which electric current is supplied to an electric locomotive

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Dave Huntington, who rescued Piggy, said: "We'd been told of what was believed to be a dead cat under the third rail at Bebington station.
With the impending openings of both House of Yes and Third Rail Projects--just steps off the Jefferson L--Bushwick may soon be recognized as a place where not only where artists launch their careers, but a neighborhood where artists from all over the world aspire to perform," said M Properties in a press release.
It was a genre that Third Rail Projects had been working in for years, albeit on a much smaller scale.
Third rail is cheaper and, arguably, more reliable.
In all, 12 sections of third rail pierced the train, each of them measuring 39 feet.
According to investigators, Matthew Zeno, 30, and a friend were returning from a bar when he paused to urinate and inadvertently contacted the third rail.
Mike Beebe touched the third rail and lived to tell about it.
Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident, but there was a real risk of injury to people using the railway or to the offenders themselves as this is a line with third rail electrification.
out from under the third rail, scrambled across the gravel, gnawed at
He could not tell if the vehicle was on the electrified third rail.
The Tyneside electric trains still ran despite snow on the electrified third rail which caused arc-ing.
Parliament has of course always been very determined on the question of liberalisation of rail transport, but the fate of domestic rail passenger services was covered by an agreement with the Council as part of the third rail package, in mid-2007.
This will consist of an upper guard rail between 42 and 45 inches, a midrail halfway between the deck and the upper rail and a third rail ten inches above the deck.
Bono, who has written many inspirational lyrics, makes an appearance in Third Rail, a collection of poetry inspired by rock music.
IT LOOKS LIKE THE PUNDITS are going to have to find a new third rail for the American political scene.