third power

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the product of three equal terms


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He reiterated that the third power transmission line will allow Armenia and Iran to increase the amount of their swap deal of gas for electricity.
In August, Yerevan and Tehran signed an agreement on the construction of the third power transmission line between the two countries.
The statement came Monday night in response to renewed criticism by Brussels earlier the same day in which the European Commission gave final warnings to eight EU countries, including Bulgaria, for failing to inform it of their measures to implement the EU's third power and gas market opening directives.
The construction phase of the third power transmission line between the two countries will start in the next two weeks," Namjou told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with Armenian Energy and Natural Resources Minister Armen Movsisian.
They had been outshot 7-2 until a flurry at the end of their third power play of the period.
3af-compliant products by PowerDsine(R), the leader in Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, were validated as fully interoperable in last month's third Power over Ethernet Group Test Period operated by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in Durham.
The arrangement gives PG&E National Energy Group marketing control of its third power generation asset in the Southern U.
The Company is converting the Town and Country Shopping Center located in Palatka, Florida to the third power center in its portfolio as construction has commenced on a new Publix super market store.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern States Power Company (NYSE:NSP), announced today the execution of an acquisition agreement with Niagara Mohawk Power (NYSE:NMK) to purchase a third power station from Niagara Mohawk, the 1,700 MW oil/gas fired Oswego Generating Station.
Less than a minute after the third power play of the third period failed, Adams scored the game-winner when he took a pass from Shane Doan at the blue line, skated around Kings defenseman Doug Bodger, drove to the net and swatted the puck into the net while falling to the ice.
This third Power Summit is a one-day event that assembles a core group of experts from five separate META Group services.
It continues to operate at a bit error rate of 10 to the negative third power, whereas the best of the competition stops receiving at 10 to the negative fourth power or 10 to the negative fifth power.
In Sasnal's paintings the world likewise turns into an unstoppable stream of images, to be read and written again and again, raised to the second and third powers.