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a group of people who try actively to influence legislation

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Gardai said Bricken Thornton's was the third house the accused had set on fire.
This will be his third house and his neighbours will include showbusiness stars and industry bosses.
The path of the third house is through a thicket of ordeals.
Because the third house deeply honors impulse and whim and voluntary participation, and because it is made up of "refugees" from a world of mechanized organizations and dehumanizing rules, many projects which the whole community supports often go uncompleted or are badly done because people "don't feel like" working that day or "that long" that day.
Lacking an intuition of entheos, the third house remains an association of isolated (though cooperating) individuals.
It is only from the experience of God as entheos and pantheos that a true discipline will flow back; irrigating and ordering the experimental, the tentative, often ignorant--but always tender passivities of the third house.
Yet for those who have given deeply (and with a courage both irrational and calculated) a boundless consent to the community; who are committed to unfolding their own entire essential nature through unfolding the whole nature of community, exasperation at life in the third house when it comes means a ripening has begun to occur.
In the third house God is still an abstraction; sometimes, this abstraction is the community itself; either in its ideal form or more tangibly as the group, the tribe to which one belongs.
The Dunbar's home is the third house to be dedicated in the home ownership program.
A third house on the tour boasts lush landscaping, including a waterfall in the back yard, organizers said.
As officials searched two homes with warrants, a tip from a neighbor sent deputies to a third house where several individuals were found assembling the eye wear at a table in another garage full of sunglasses.
Deputies said the laboratory was located in two homes about 100 yards apart on property that also contained a mobile home and a third house where the men lived.
Charlemont at the west end of First Street: The 179 detached single-family homes, with average size of 3,077 square feet, will be designed for growing families buying their third house.
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