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mail consisting of printed matter qualifying for reduced postal rates

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inexpensive accommodations on a ship or train

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Large areas of Pakuau will be allocated under the third class category to the vast majority of people considered to be low wage earners of unemployed.
Mr Hammond said there was "no suggestion of a third class service" but there could be "a service between standard and first class".
Only 25 percent of the passengers in the third class made it out alive, according to Henderson's research.
Think of the scene from the Cameron movie in which a young man from the third class is shot as he threatens an officer in charge of loading the lifeboats.
The FDA has said it doesn't have the authority to christen a third class of drugs.
For these purposes a Third Class stamp is effective if you aren't mailing First Class.
1956: Third class travel on British Railway came to an end: Between 1830 and 1880 a huge railway network was build in Britain, and became a success as it was quicker, cheaper and more comfortable than travelling by stagecoach.
But in recent years some in the pharmacy profession have been calling for a third class, drugs that do not need to be prescription-only products but are not quite ready to be widely distributed over the counter.
The third class includes the only new element to the suit - fines and criminal penalties as stipulated by the federal Racketeering and Influence Corrupt Organizations Act.
Irish history sleuth Joe Baker says the third class passengers were among hundreds of immigrants on their way to a new life in America who were victims of "mass murder".
The Third Class Mailers Association, in its newsletter, says ANPA's "misguided" and "mindless" efforts to hike rates for third-class advertising mail, or junk mail, resulted in higher costs for all third-class users - including newspapers that mail total-market-coverage (TMC) advertising to non-subscribers.
This day was to mark the end of an era when third class mailers were treated like third class customers.
The Postal Service's unique proposal resulted from listening to the commonly expressed needs of its customers, including small businesses who depend upon third class advertising mail.
THE out of touch Tory-led Coalition could steam ahead with plans to bring back third class rail travel - 56 years after it was abolished.
On January morning in 1968, a Navy commander, three lieutenants (junior grade), four petty officers second class and a petty officer third class climbed aboard their OP-2E Neptune and prepared for takeoff.