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Synonyms for thinning

the act of diluting something


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He wanted a permanent workforce that could be paid and successfully compete for thinning contracts.
They have thinned 200 acres of national forest land and implemented three Forest Service thinning contracts in the Ranger District.
Tru-Si, a high technology wafer thinning and handling equipment company, has been involved in the Entegris program since September 2002.
Headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, privately-held Tru-Si Technologies serves the global semiconductor industry with innovative solutions for damage-free wafer thinning, ultra-thin wafer handling and new chip-to-chip interconnection structures.
The explosion of smart card production, especially in Europe, is driving the demand for a new etch technology that can provide both damage-free thinning and damage-free handling of less than 200-micron ultra-thin wafers.