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a state in which one thinks

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He said: "Councils that put their thinking caps on now can save precious taxpayer pennies next year by cutting out waste and transforming frontline services that vulnerable people rely on.
Combine our incredible special-event venues, with world-class accommodations and an exclusive Disneyland[R] Thinking Cap Program, and you'll understand why our resort is the ideal location for meetings and conventions.
If you're not satisfied with this answer, put on your thinking cap and come up with a light-weight, non-interfering, over-the-cab design with a total added load not exceeding 150 lbs.
As is always the case, you need to put on your thinking cap when reading the health headlines in order to avoid confusion.
ALL THIS INSIDE Put your feet up and your thinking cap on.
After the Shetland Pony race David Hood's thinking cap was put firmly in its place, writes Tanya Stevenson.
Charlton said: 'I'm certain Sir Alex Ferguson will put his thinking cap on and work out why it happened, how it happened and how we can put it right.
But Newcastle City Council will have to get its thinking cap on and come up with some kind of sensible policy over where we are going to put them.
Packaged similar to a deck of cards, 52 Card Pick Up, developed by Thinking Cap Inc.
At the Disneyland[R] Resort in California, we call that putting on your thinking cap.
Equis is part of the new breed of broker in New York that has rolled up its sleeves and put on a new thinking cap - and it thinks very differently.
NFR Security really put its thinking cap on when it designed Sentivist IPS.
Then Fabio will have to put his thinking cap on because the only way an England manager can survive becoming a national hate figure is by winning a tournament.
Some of the clues are puzzles and games of skill, so pack your thinking cap.
Come on Cardiff Bus - put your thinking cap on to see if there is a way this problem can be resolved from Canton and Ely, if only for the summer period.