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Synonyms for thinkable

Synonyms for thinkable

capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined

Antonyms for thinkable

capable of being conceived or imagined or considered

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The evidence may be encrypted, but, read closely, it discloses a thinkable reality.
This is a churchly development that, like developments in the modern international system, makes unity more thinkable.
Nowhere else must this Communist dynasty be thinkable, let alone possible, but in this most isolationist regime in the world.
But the potent one-two punch of transformational change and a major economic recession has made the unthinkable utterly thinkable.
Like the now undeniably fashionable Symphony Court once was, The Hub is in a still upcoming area, which keeps its prices at a still thinkable level for the young or for older wageslaves needing a weekday city base.
Currently, there is not a single thinkable alternative for the people of Iran, either inside or outside the country.
The third conclusio that has been drawn from the crisis is "the phrase that we have been using for the last nine-10 months the unthinkable is thinkable," he said.
Delivering the most extreme blow to Gaza since 1967, Israel's 22-day "Operation Cast-Lead" killed over 1,300 people, 895 of which were civilians (OCHA, January 24-26, 2009), left almost 5,000 people injured, caused a colossal amount of damage to every thinkable type of public and private infrastructure, and is responsible for an extraordinary amount of human suffering which appears to have no end.
Wehave labelled certain behaviour 'child abuse' and the term now immediately shrieks of the un speakable,un thinkable crime that is so serious it has to have its own rules and is surrounded with dire legal consequences not only for the perpetrator and victim but also for anyone else who might appear in the hinterland.
This election has made future Jewish, Latino, Asian, or Muslim men or women presidents not only thinkable, but just a matter of time.
Besides, I had recently come into an inheritance; rebuilding from scratch was more thinkable than it would have been before.
Since then, he says, voter resistance to gay candidates has declined, and "LGBT political activists now view elected office as a thinkable, doable aspiration.
But when respected organizations like the Boston Foundation and its partners make the case for sweeping reform, radical change becomes more thinkable.
Her porcelain figures break just about every thinkable and unthinkable rule for what we can and can't do.
There are about 6,500 square meters of selling space, all devoted to gear, clothing, and accessories required for every thinkable outdoor activity--including an extensive range of binoculars, telescopes, and digital cameras.