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Synonyms for thinkable

Synonyms for thinkable

capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined

Antonyms for thinkable

capable of being conceived or imagined or considered

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And, as the early appointments of Lloyd Bentsen, Leon Panetta, and Richard Rubin signaled, Clinton has delegated control of the boundaries of the thinkable to the investment bankers and the "deficit hawks" who safeguard their interests, thus guaranteeing tepidness and capitulationism with respect to any initiatives requiring public spending.
And he is thinkable as a candidate for next time as well, so he can afford to play a longer game.
Because visibility is suspended in his work, a renewed exchange between any prior form of painting becomes thinkable.
The difference between the two contracts is important in helping determine how married persons behave not only in extremity, when divorce has begun to seem thinkable, but also in happier times.
Something of this can obviously be read, formally, in the work of Jacques Derrida, with his project of redistributing writing, his disruption of grammatical forms and categories of the thinkable, and his taking up residence in proximity to Joyce's linguistic project.
His basic premise is that the end of the Cold War marks the beginning of a new era in which advanced nations no longer consider warfare with one another thinkable.
In a week when it was announced that Britons have higher IQs than the rest of the world, it would be a good idea if the people who run our lives just started thinking the thinkable.
In my view, Brillo Box not only made the philosophy of art at last thinkable, it brought an end to a period in which art could be made in ignorance of its philosophical nature.
Complimentary tickets cost clubs thousands of pounds and we've had to cut back in every thinkable way.
Since then Graham Henry has lifted the heart of Welsh rugby to the point where the impossible is now thinkable.
at one point, he even unspoke the thinkable - and believe me, that takes guts
All sides are saying that the Jerusalem question has to be resolved between the Palestinians and the Israelis before any peace moves are even thinkable never mind possible.
In a period when major-power naval conflict once again has become thinkable, it is well to be reminded of the strategic importance of naval power--and of the gross blunders nations can make in wielding it.
The only thinkable and realistic way forward in this crisis is for diplomatic dialogue.