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a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications

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The problem isn't that Democratic politicians, Congressional staffers, and liberal think-tankers actually believe the era of big government is over, or that what the economy needs is a tax cut.
We think, therefore we must always have think tanks - however mad their conclusions," say the think-tankers .
If Elgin Baylor were in charge of the rotary phone at the Clippers' offices, would the team think-tankers have allowed the NBA trading deadline to come and go without unloading unnecessary talent?
To the delight of many liberals, a flurry of conservative writers and think-tankers at places like the Cato Institute and the Nixon Center are doing just that, condemning George VC.
Chalabi is an expert manipulator who knows how to work the press as well as congressmen, lobbyists and think-tankers.
Interruptions to this process are strictly forbidden except for the regular deliveries of percolated coffee and Belgian biscuits, pushed on trolleys by liveried staff who hope that one day they, too, will be think-tankers.
assorted formers (former assistant secretaries, former Senators, former White House press aides), and, last but definitely least, think-tankers.
Professional partisans, think-tankers, and journalists in the free-market cause should be especially proud, says James Arnt Aune in his new book, Selling the Free Market.
With references to authors such as Jane Jacobs ("The Life and Death of Great American Cities") and think-tankers like Bruce Katz of the Brooking Institute, Brown told his listeners that the key to long-term prosperity in the United States is creation of a stronger link between inner cities and surrounding communities.
Nor should we overlook another phenomenon: the increasingly rabid antigay rhetoric of secular conservative journalists and think-tankers in New York and Washington, D.
For three days this past summer, FORTUNE brought together 178 CEOs, scientists, teachers, politicians, think-tankers, activists, investors, former Presidents and nobility to its second annual Brainstorm conference in Aspen, Colo.
Apparently, we'll have better lives if we relocate to London, Oxford or Cambridge - the are as where the think-tankers want three million homes to be built.
Ferguson retorted, "Perhaps you would wish Saddam back in power; that's the implication of what you're saying" The liberal think-tankers around me started guffawing openly, and shooting each other is-this-guy-for-real smirks.
Thunderbirds meets The Prisoner and don't we all need it when the schedules are full of utter fodder churned out by the unimaginative think-tankers in London.