think twice

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consider and reconsider carefully

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Henceforth, men who go in with me on deals will think twice before they try to double-cross me, and then some.
In fact, it made even him think twice, and resolve to "let Rose off easy,'' she had been so clever.
I have a respect for you, but if you were alone in this business I'd think twice before I put my head into such a hornet's nest.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 19 (ANI): Next time you go to take your shoes off on a plane, you might want to think twice.
Daughter Becky, inset, from Abergavenny, retweeted her mum's post with a broken-hearted emoji saying: "People, PLEASE think once, think twice, think BIKE
I bet I wasn't the only one to think twice about how my outfit would be perceived.
Those who don't meet the asylum rules are left there and maybe by doing this all others will think twice.
Eschew takes an unflinching look at those little moments on the way to adulthood that happen when no one's looking, that you laugh out loud to remember, that you'd think twice before sharing, and that are the building blocks of wisdom.
But now you need to think twice as this is a new tactic used by scammers.
Hopefully he'll think twice about posting such vitriol online again.
I don't hate the police, we need the police, but I hope this makes them think twice about the way they behave.
The Think Twice campaign, launched today by Balance, the North-east alcohol office, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer, aims to increase awareness of the link between alcohol and breast cancer, and encourage women to check their alcohol intake and cut back if they need to.
Angela Gormlie Rodger added: "I think when people see guns, it makes them think twice about breaking the law.
The FA's logic being that a three-game ban may make him think twice before swinging an elbow.
Microsoft should think twice before releasing Surface.