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an article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts

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Combining think pieces and listicles into one stunning-awful monster that's sure to be the Next Big Thing.
your chief executive's think piece to be left casually open on your line
Unfortunately, this think piece is also riddled with some grave inaccuracies that bring into question its logic and the intellectual rigour that went into its preparation.
As I write this think piece, it's not even Thanksgiving yet.
When I did Homes for America [1966-67] it was a fake think piece about how a magazine like Esquire would often have a leading sociologist and a good photographer work together on a story.
Richard Neuhaus's The Chosen People in an Almost Chosen Nation (Eerdmans) is a collection of trenchant essays on Jews and Judaism written from diverse viewpoints, including what this reviewer found to be the most original think piece of the year, David Singer's "The Orthodox Jew as Intellectual Crank.
DONNIE Darko manages to satisfy both as a teen horror movie complete with a doomed romance, and as a moody think piece about time travel, the universe and pre-destination.
But the hype machine came roaring back with the April cover story--a long, long, long think piece by the hip software genius Bill Joy, chief scientist at Sun Microsystems.
In the first think piece, Stephen Hoenack argues for more detailed micro analyses of specific education production functions and of the ways in which colleges and universities enhance economic growth.
And as a think piece, its peculiar amalgam of life-cycle with interest-group and organizational theory does indeed make one think.
Even though Dear White People includes serious subject matter and is basically one big think piece in response to the current state of race in America,  there are many laughs in store for white and black audiences alike.
95, ISBN: 9781412987806 Somehow we missed this 2011 tide, but it is an essential think piece for teacher librarians.
They said they had hoped and expected the report would "add to the primary evidence base", instead of being "a think piece resting on a number of assumptions mostly derived from the authors' own estimates applied to a theoretical model".