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Fan is so absorbed, I could n't think of disturbing her," said Polly, fancying that her friend was enjoying the evening as much as she was a great mistake, by the way, for Fan was acting for effect, and though she longed to turn and join them, would n't do it, unless a certain person showed signs of missing her.
I can't think of any resolutions I want to make," said Felicity, who was perfectly satisfied with herself.
I can't think of anything to start with," he said, gnawing his penholder fiercely.
But Tess did not think of this; she took everything as her deserts, and hardly opened her mouth.
Don't suppose I married him, Magdalen, until I had taught him to think of you as I think -- to wish with my wishes, and to hope with my hopes.
And I feel it would be a great evil for you if your affections continued so fixed on me that you could think of no other man who might be able to make you happier by his love than I ever can, and if you continued to look towards something in the future which cannot possibly happen.
He talked to his congregation and in his talk said that it was a mistake for people to think of their minister as a man set aside and intended by nature to lead a blameless life.
He says he doesn't mind what we think of him," she remarked.
He was a great deal too full of the market to think of any thing elsewhich is just as it should be, for a thriving man.
She couldn't bear to think of not looking on Marner as her father," said Nancy, not wishing to confirm her husband's painful impression.
Naturally, I believe, I am as lively as Julia, but I have more to think of now.
Then, as if not to pain Nikita by refusing his offer of the straw he put before him, he hurriedly snatched a wisp out of the sledge, but immediately decided that it was now no time to think of straw and threw it down, and the wind instantly scattered it, carried it away, and covered it with snow.
I suppose you will stay here in the old place, unless you think of marrying, and it's high time you did," put in Mrs.
No, certainly not; and I am glad you do not think of it.
I should be so loath for 'em to buy it at the Golden Lion," said the poor woman, her heart swelling, and the tears coming,--"my teapot as I bought when I was married, and to think of its being scratched, and set before the travellers and folks, and my letters on it,--see here, E.