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recapture the past

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Now, think back to any one of your most recent best tee shots, it doesn't matter if there wasn't as much perceived importance on that shot, I want you to think how your muscles felt.
Think back to when the former Toon boss sold an out-of-form and out-of-favour Ruel Fox to Tottenham for pounds 4.
As my hair has darkened and other features have changed, I think back to when my lack of melanin, buck teeth, freckles, and red hair set me apart.
Think back to the first creation story in the Book of Genesis, which we read at the Easter Vigil, in fact.
Think back to the days when the Vietnam War was still raging.
Just think back to 1986's enactment of the passive loss rules, which significantly curtailed the deductions available to real estate investors, setting the stage for a major decline in real estate values that lasted for more than a decade.
But if you haven't forgotten it completely, I'd like you to think back to that last week before the ballot, when many Democrats honestly believed that the polls were undercounting the "youth vote" and that this invisible demographic was going to put them over the top.
I think back on the beginnings of modern dance--Ruth St.
Just think back to when the Tories were in power for 18 years, during which time Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.
Think back to how Washington tried to devalue the dollar to diminish Japan's automotive prowess: It didn't work.
The Scotland Under-21 defender only had to think back to a Scottish Cup tie at Tannadice 18 months ago to be convinced Ian McCall made a great move when he brought in Brebner from Hibs just before the transfer window closed.
If you think back to the last Euro tournament, we only had 105, I think, so we have been working hard to get these banning orders.
As I think back, beer (Scotch when I could afford it) seemed to play a central roll in much of our corporate planning.