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Synonyms for think about

have on one's mind, think about actively

take into consideration, have in view

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One way of thinking about the future is to obsessively try to live longer and think about how we can [improve] the world that we want to inhabit.
While it is true we must be very much rooted in the present moment while we are playing (All performers know it is fatal to think about the notes coming up.
Like if I think about New Orleans but I don't mention New Orleans directly, but I let whatever kind of imagery comes out of that New Orleans just course as freely as it can while keeping my own hand on it to a certain extent.
I think corporations are staffing to think about it.
BN: I have almost no idea how to think about what's going on now.
He certainly doesn't like any of the sexual ethics that might complicate how to think about gay relationships and so on.
The reason I say that is because the bottom line, when you think about technology, is whether you can bring a product to the market that has high value.
If you think about monetary policy in the United States, Europe, and many other parts of the world, there is a much greater degree of stability than there was fifteen or twenty years ago.
It's no longer fringie to think about therapeutic vaccination.
Hearing it from parents has greater impact than hearing it from camp administrators and gives the staff another context from which to think about the decisions they will be making.
For example, think about how different people or different organizations define or illustrate the word "quality"?
Quite frankly, I think as this whole sector matures, you've seen a lot of activity and acquisition-based building of critical mass, and if you see that critical mass finally developing in a particular company, then and only then can you begin to think about all the other value-added pieces like, for instance, clinical research, information systems with electronic medical records, and disease management partner programs.
And my novels are about the things women most think about, like keeping our children fed, and how to manage on not very much income.