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First in is Hebden Bridge-based Thingumajig Theatre who fill the half-term slot in mid-February.
FINE FEATHERS: Thingumajig Theatre in Hullaba Lulu part of the Lawrence Batley Theatre's Imagine series
While you can't see the thingy's invisible light, the Thingumajig can
The Thingumajig is the perfect gadget to figure out why a thingy out, point it at the Thingumajig's phototransistor.
GIVE yourself an extra mark if you can name a single Liberal Democrat apart from Charles Thingumajig.
KNOWSLEY A November Day: Presented by Thingumajig Theatre, this production comes to Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park on Saturday, October 18, at 1pm.
The magnificent beast is the product of the feverish imagination of Andrew and Kathy Kim who run Thingumajig Theatre.
The final installment of half-termfun comes from the Thingumajig Theatre with their puppet production called The Mystery of the Sock Snatcher on February 21.
They will also reveal this new thingumajig which pinpoints your car's position, and tells you about hotels, petrol stations and traffic jams.
WIRRAL - Kelda Discovers the Wirral Artists: Thingumajig Theatre Locations: Various Wirral locations KELDA (an old Norse name meaning "spring" or "fountain") is a giant puppet of Viking lineage.