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But the thingamajig dropped to two stars after failing another key test: underneath the screw lid of the tomato sauce, the bottle top was a sorry mess.
I think it's on your side of the medicine cabinet right near that battery-operated doohickey you have for trimming the hairs in your nose," she said, fortunately not taking me up on my distinction between thingamabobs and thingamajigs.
Not another 600- word whatchamacallit on that thingamajig called iPhone 4.
As for the body: Standard sedan or a new quasi-hatchback thingamajig termed the Gran Turismo?
He also said the pipes in the attic might be frozen so to wait until he got up and jimmied a thingamajig that would somehow get them flowing again," Linda chattered.
As Toot says, "He knew that the best present was usually something you made yourself, a one-of-kind thingamajig, not just a whatsit anyone could buy in a store.
Directed by Zach Helm, who wrote last year's comic fantasy "Stranger Than Fiction," "Emporium" is a Willy Wonka-ish thingamajig in which all kinds of impossible stuff keeps happening.
Yes, it's that funny thingamajig up in the Rockies in Colorado called The International that comes up most years as a warm-up for the final Major, the USPGA Championship.
More than half our survey group had bought an electric kitchen thingamajig sometime in the past year.
Homer's use of the -ma- infix may also be related to the -ma- in whatchamacallit, thingamabob, thingamajig, thingumajog, and gigamaree.
And while it may have looked like a Rube Goldberg thingamajig, it launched an arrow like a barnfire in a windstorm.
As she was knee-deep in a gaggle of nieces and nephews, she changed the swear word to chimichanga - the Spanish equivalent of thingamajig.
com were springing up on the Web; they offered faster and handier ways of posting and looking for anything you wanted--jobs, cars, apartments, houses, land in Florida, saxophones and every thingamajig in grandmother's trunk.
You might market a gadget, manufacture a gizmo, or supervise the thingamajig operation.
Interpreted, this means, "Why don't you shove the thingamajig into Park, shut off the engine, unbuckle, and go in to check?