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You mean the thingamabob the dental hygienist gave you last fall?
It's not exactly a thingamabob," I said, "more of a thingamajig.
To become a member of the Backpack Club, you had to have zillions of key chains, charms, and other thingamabobs dangling from your backpack.
85), while I got to grips with one of those real ale thingamabobs (pounds 2.
Sal Monella has been hired to fill a vacancy in the ABCDE subassembly cell for a manufacturing company that produces thingamabobs.
It will not be that way in Atlanta, where all manner of electronic thingamabobs will help make the 1996 Summer Olympics the most technologically sophisticated games on record.
Four cakes, depicting a bride and groom, cheerleaders, some Smurf-esque creatures, and a doctor and nurse, sit on the shelves, while various thingamabobs hang from them.
He lives in Haringey, southn Eccentric Contraptions And Amazing Gadgets, Gizmos and Thingamabobs (David & Charles, pounds 9.