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The pair, fresh from stints on Greg the Bunny and Crank Yankers, have invited reps from every cartoon cliche to live in their animated house, including an action star (Captain Hero), a fairy tale princess (Clara), an anime thingamabob (Ling-Ling), and a Betty Boop-like black-and-white character from the 1920s (Toot Braunstein).
The Audrey is designed so you can type, scribble or speak your message before sending it off with the tap of a stylus - the antenna thingamabob that glows when you get e-mail.
Godzilla briefly disappears after being zapped by the extraterrestrial thingamabob.
The new BuckTool crams a garageful of gadgets into one handy fold-up thingamabob.
Removing the inside panel of the door and putting a thingamabob back on the doohickey came to $24.
Now, with the advent of smartphones and various apps to aid our routines, a life without this thingamabob is out of question.
You mean the thingamabob the dental hygienist gave you last fall?
IT appears there's some sort of fashion thingamabob going down in Birmingham this weekend.
We believe a sight or a fancy thingamabob added to the weapons systems will be a cure-all.
If Belmont is completed, with all of the complex pollution-mitigating systems in place, what will happen when a thingamabob needs adjusting or replacement?
Goldbarth-an avid collector of thingamabobs, doohickeys, and what-have-yous-doesn't relegate his love of pop culture to his home.
For most people of my generation, today's technology gadgets, gizmos and thingamabobs are wonderful--and frightening--advances.
We do not see the normal collection of ghastly thingamabobs that a "witch" would collect.