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Synonyms for thin-skinned

Synonyms for thin-skinned

quick to take offense

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TIP: Thin-skinned oranges are usually smaller - avoid using Jaffa oranges as they have a very thick pith.
thin-skinned cucumber, such as English, Persian, or Armenian
To me, this is further evidence that Republicans are thin-skinned while Democrats are impenetrable.
If I were feeling, rather than thinking, I might be thin-skinned about using Ms.
If you mix the two together, things get blurry" Actor Jim Broadbent, who once rejected the offer of an OBE, condemns honours for actors "Mr Cameron was obviously simply trying to be mildly amusing but God help anybody who tries to be that these days, given how thin-skinned we are"Actor Christopher Biggins, below, wondering why the Prime Minister felt he had to apologise for comparing Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls to someone suffering from Tourette'syndrome "Is there any real difference between the House of Commons and Strictly Come Dancing?
27 (ANI): New York Times reporters are of the unanimous opinion that whistle blowing website WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may look and appear smart, but is actually "arrogant, thin-skinned, conspiratorial and oddly credulous.
Some colleagues may simply shrug and feel that we are being thin-skinned or humorless by discouraging the use of this term--both by those outside and inside our profession.
When crustal plates collide on land, the type of deformation of the lithosphere is generally divided into thin-skinned and thick-skinned, but within these broad categories, a wide range of phenomena can be observed.
Perhaps part of the reason they are so thin-skinned is because recent commentary on Islam, whether by Danish cartoonists, the Pope or Mr Reid, is so accurate.
During this procedure, the ULCs are weakened and destabilized, which puts thin-skinned patients at particular risk for postoperative complications.
The fact is,'' Rich says with bemusement, ``people in show business are as thin-skinned as anyone in politics.
Every organization has its share of vulnerable, thin-skinned people.
Richard Nixon began a memo complaining about the jokes at a White House Correspondents Dinner with the hilarious statement, "I'm not a bit thin-skinned.
IF THIN-SKINNED Texas officials get their way, the satirists at The Onion had better watch out .
Freefaller position people - on their front with both arms around the pillow - are likely to be thin-skinned.