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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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Other threats, such as contaminants from industrial and agricultural sources, are often unseen until they cause fish die-offs, malformed frogs, or thin-shelled eggs.
These chemicals prevented normal calcium deposition during eggshell formation, and caused females to lay thin-shelled eggs that often broke before hatching.
Studies revealed that DDT- poisoned peregrines laid thin-shelled eggs that were too fragile to incubate or simply failed to develop.
DDT caused peregrines to lay thin-shelled eggs that broke during incubation.
The pesticide DDT caused peregrines, as well as birds such as the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), to lay thin-shelled eggs that break during incubation.