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of animals or plants that have a thin shell

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A bird infected with this disease may show several signs, including respiratory signs (gasping, coughing), nervous signs (muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of head and neck, complete paralysis), rough- or thin-shelled eggs and reduced egg production.
Second, a comparison of prey consumption rates on the common, thin-shelled bay mussel Mytilus trossulus, Gould 1850.
Carson's work showed that eagles and ospreys, predatory species at the top of the food chain that were heavily exposed to bioaccumulated DDT, had suffered disruption of estrogen function such that they were producing thin-shelled, nonviable eggs.
Symptoms include sneezing, coughing and gasping for air; nasal discharge; greenish, watery diarrhea; depression, muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of the head or neck; drop in egg production and thin-shelled eggs, swelling around the eyes and neck or sudden death.
Wallabean[R] jellybeans in a variety of flavors; Licorice Pastels; Fruit Sour Balls; Gummi Bears; Licorice Bridge Mix; thin-shelled Jordan Almonds.
Other threats, such as contaminants from industrial and agricultural sources, are often unseen until they cause fish die-offs, malformed frogs, or thin-shelled eggs.
Pecans are native only in the United States, and crows may have contributed to their selection and distribution by carrying the thin-shelled nuts over several miles.
These chemicals prevented normal calcium deposition during eggshell formation, and caused females to lay thin-shelled eggs that often broke before hatching.
The most common type of implant used during those years was the thin-shelled, less viscous gel implant, which appears more likely to rupture than the thicker-shelled dacron patch implant, used between 1961 and 1972, she said at the meeting.
This resulted in eggs so thin-shelled that the mere weight of the mother falcon would crush and kill the developing embryos.
Other firings have been made at thin-shelled metallic targets.
Thin-shelled English walnut, claro, black, and a hybrid known as bastogne, constitute the bulk of them.