thin air

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nowhere to be found in a giant void

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He said: "Dave did not vanish into thin air, did he?
The furious Muslim Ummah was hoping against hope that the Islamic countries would come up with a rock-solid stance, but the expectations vanished in thin air.
Magic night in store at Lavery's Just over a year from unveiling their stellar, Bella Unionreleased debut album, Scan The Blue, The Thin Air will host a live Tuesday Throwdown with one of the country's finest acts, exmagician, in Lavery's this coming Tuesday evening.
These four forward-looking individuals are among a mere handful of MPs - Austin Mitchell is another - who actually understand that 97% of the purchasing power in circulation is not created by any public agency (ie, the Treasury, the Bank of England), but must be conjured up out of thin air in the form of 'loans' from the highstreet banks to their customers disappearing back into thin air as those loans are repaid.
This week we asked the best-selling author about the settings and storylines in her latest novels, Harbour Street (Vera Stanhope) and Thin Air (Jimmy Perez, Shetland series).
Many modern-day illusionists are happy to make a rabbit jump out of a hat or a bird disappear into thin air.
He's made things disappear vanish into thin air, "how did he do that ?
But recently he really started up again out of thin air.
In the first week of December, equity analysts at Goldman Sachs warned London's blue-chip index - the FTSE 100 - was about to see more than 15% of its value evaporate into thin air, with a plunge to around 4,700 by February 29.
It is not like X Factor where people are just trying to create careers out of thin air.
I will never forget the moment when my dream became reality when I saw the prayer flags flapping in the thin air, marking the summit of the mountain," she said.
When the money is borrowed from the Federal Reserve, and the Fed creates new money out of thin air so the federal government can pay its bills, then the result is a devaluation of the dollar and a corresponding increase in the cost (in terms of dollars) of everything we buy.
If that money was invested in a variable rate regular saving account paying seven per cent gross, they would now have accumulated a lump sum of pounds 3,108 out of thin air.
The hosts, now without a league win in six games, went ahead in the 20th minute, Bailey letting fly with a 25-yard drive which arrowed into the top corner, leaving Steve Mildenhall grasping at thin air.
But it is amazing that scores and scores seem to just vanish into thin air.