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a light-colored crystalline powder (trade name Merthiolate) used as a surgical antiseptic

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Poul Thorsen, in which data showing that autism rates went down in Denmark after the removal of thimerosal from vaccines were omitted from the now thoroughly debunked 2003 Pediatrics paper by Madsen et al.
Although some had suggested that thimerosal was a cause of autism, a 2013 review of the (https://www.
We show that MS mRNA in SHSY5Y cells is subject to alternative splicing, similar to human brain, and MS inhibition by thimerosal and metal ions is related to their ability to lower GSH levels and, in the case of thimerosal, decrease the level of MeCbl.
You are at no greater risk of neurodevelopmental problems, including autism, from being vaccinated than if you did not receive any vaccines containing thimerosal.
Thimerosal is broken down in the body to thiosalicylate and ethylmercury.
Besides thimerosal, some people have had concerns about other vaccine ingredients in relation to ASD as well.
The vaccine they were about to give baby Alec listed thimerosal on the vial.
Thimerosal contains a small amount of methylmercury, a neurotoxicant that may cause developmental delays.
Thimerosal in childhood vaccines, neurodevelopment disorders, and heart disease in the United States.
Sources of mercury include dental amalgams, contaminated drinking water, contaminated fish, and the vaccine preservative thimerosal.
The Danish media reported on March 5, 2010 that ten million Danish kroner (the equivalent of just under two million dollars) is missing from the Aarhus University, along with the lead researcher of the Denmark Autism studies on which the CDC based their opinion that vaccines preserved with the highly poisonous mercury compound Thimerosal is "safe" and have no connection with autism.
A federal court ruled in March that vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal do not contribute to or cause autism.
If encountered in future studies, this information confirms gender differences in thimerosal toxicity (3).
Data from 19 studies support the safety of thimerosal, which is used as a preservative in multidose vials of the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine, according to an updated fact sheet on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Web site.
Researchers point out that even though study after study has found no link between the vaccine stabilizer thimerosal and autism, thimerosal-free injectable versions of the flu vaccine are available for those who have lingering concerns.