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a swindling sleight-of-hand game


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Poe was neither the first nor the last author to make figurative use of thimblerig.
Despite what Thackeray said, Poe does indeed perform a thimblerig with virtue and vice in 'The Man of the Crowd'.
Strong Thimblerig Jeffrey Blair Cornell Captain Chase Ray Dooley Jeb Adam Sheaffer Jimbo James Kalagher Annie Jamie Rose Stableboy David Doll
Supporting cast is even in their portrayals of diversity in the mid-19th-century, repped by crusty frontier fighter Hardin (Mike Regan); womanizer and gambler Thimblerig (Jeffrey Blair Cornell); a harlot in buckskin, Annie (Jamie Rose); and a Native American, Crawling Caterpillar (Douglas Spain), who dupes his fellow travelers by playing the stereotypical Indian to mask his Harvard education and alcoholism.
Lighting by Mary Louise Geiger adds appropriate ambience to scenes of freezing snow, a threatened hanging of Thimblerig and his flirtations and romantic introspections with Annie in soft moonlight.