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as much as a thimble will hold


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And we're not talking about those annoying little guns that hold a thimbleful of water.
A thimbleful of vacuum dirt was demonstrated to contain as many as 5,000,000 germs.
Most booklights provide a thimbleful of light and have to be repositioned as you move from one area of the page to another.
In its optimum path, we can get to the grand-scale level in about a year, producing ton quantities from what was originally only a thimbleful," Short says.
But I still had little reason to doubt that growing poppies for ornamental purposes was legal, and so on an unseasonably warm afternoon in the first week of April I planted my seeds--two packets, each containing a thimbleful of grayish-blue specks.
Are you tired of paying big dollars for those tiny throw-away paper vacuum cleaner bags, the kind that hold a thimbleful of dust and get harder and harder to find as your vacuum ages?
At this point, the waiter thinks I need extra espresso, but I decline another thimbleful to go sightseeing.
The argument against raising the weights on the grounds that the modern horse could not stand the extra wear and tear holds not even a thimbleful of water as long as trainers work within the more general inevitability-that stable staff under nine stone are a rarity.
Snoops" is everything David Kelley shows aren't supposed to be: all flash and dash, smoke and mirrors -- and scarcely a thimbleful of substance.
Add back the water and that still works out to no more than a thimbleful of all four vegetables combined.
Such superficial assessments prompted Gary Indiana to write in the Voice (July 2, 1985) that the East Village has "gotten gallons of press, and about a thimbleful of legitimate criticism.
Well apparently not without passing a few tests, which included eating hardtack and bologna (the Newfoundland and Labrador food of choice) washed down with a thimbleful of Screech (high-proof Newfoundland alcohol).
If your lineage has fought for existence over 500 years, trying to coax a cabbage out of a thimbleful of soil left between outcroppings on the glacial rock-face; if now devoid of the fishery in the sea around the rock, equipped only with enough federally financed retraining programs to provide the entire country with beauticians and data-entry clerks -- if you can cope, then you can handle stress.
The thimbleful of decisions and choices learners actually do make will result in very helpful, direct feedback.
It's really the result of about 30 years of on-and-off searching, and I've got it down to a thimbleful," Dean said on CBS'S "Face the Nation" on June 16.