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as much as a thimble will hold


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All the solar- and wind-energy-generating capacity in the world will not produce one thimbleful of the gasoline or diesel fuel central to much of our transportation.
They would have us believe that the American Republic, resplendent in her power and prestige as the leader of democracy and as the spokesman for freedom, would lend herself to a theft of our national heritage for the sake of a thimbleful of profits.
Szirotny's chapter on Middlemarch is equally persuasive; she argues that Dorothea, like Felix Holt, has "a soul hunger to do good," but, with an education which provided no more than a '"diffused thimbleful of knowledge'" (145), she mistakenly marries Casaubon hoping to compensate for it.
A warm cup of milky Ovaltine with a thimbleful of bromide just to take the sting out of it.
He also instructed his overseer to sow a thimbleful of lettuce seed every week.
The common example of such imperfect substitutability is that if labor were perfectly substitutable for land on a farm, constant production could be insured with a constantly diminishing area simply by adding to the number of workers, so that 100,000 workers in the space of a thimbleful of land could produce as much wheat as 100 workers on a hundred acres of land.
Then he apologised, poured a thimbleful of tea into my cup, took our tray away, went back to his table, donned a bobble hat, came back to our table, unplugged his phone, and left the shop.
Man has learned just a thimbleful when it comes to animal communication.
I brought back not a feather, not a thimbleful of sand, from Cruso's island.
The surprising abundance of bacteria and single-celled organisms called archaea, roughly 130,000 cells per thimbleful in the lightless lake, ends a decades-long hunt for evidence of life wedged under the Antarctic ice.
I can only hope one day to have a thimbleful of her talent as a director.
That is like trying to detect the evaporation of a thimbleful of water each second from somewhere on the other side of Earth (assuming Earth wasn't in the way).
Now, for instance, instead of sipping a thimbleful of port and complaining of the headache, she tossed off a tumbler of Chianti and slept the sounder.
She wants some orange juice and is given a thimbleful.
She was the subject of a 1957 Life cover article in which she was quoted as saying, "It's only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the microphone.