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as much as a thimble will hold


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Then he apologised, poured a thimbleful of tea into my cup, took our tray away, went back to his table, donned a bobble hat, came back to our table, unplugged his phone, and left the shop.
Man has learned just a thimbleful when it comes to animal communication.
The surprising abundance of bacteria and single-celled organisms called archaea, roughly 130,000 cells per thimbleful in the lightless lake, ends a decades-long hunt for evidence of life wedged under the Antarctic ice.
I can only hope one day to have a thimbleful of her talent as a director.
She wants some orange juice and is given a thimbleful.
She was the subject of a 1957 Life cover article in which she was quoted as saying, "It's only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the microphone.
For the third, Yom Kippur, she atones with the resigned patience of a tortoise, but I have no doubt she and Zaidy enjoy a celebratory thimbleful upon each year's completion of the fast.
Rhys Davies describes the power of a good short story in his autobiography Print of a Hare's Foot when, observing a terrace of 50 identical houses, he writes: "Each poky dwelling contained its thimbleful of dynamite; at some time during the long boring years of obedience to decent custom it would explode, and the moment of explosion was the flower I sought.
And we're not talking about those annoying little guns that hold a thimbleful of water.
The third course," she gushed, "was a refresher for our willing palates - three tiny pea pods, fresh and bitey, in a thimbleful of champagne.
Even a thimbleful of dye in water is highly visible and disgusting.
So birds and badgers will be fine, however the rest of us will be trying to get washed in a thimbleful of water and sporting stickers on our foreheads saying "Be Proud To Be Dirty".
We closed out a lovely evening at table with a shared thimbleful of something new to us, a malbec port ($8) that our thoroughly professional waiter found hard to describe.
Fuel's that dear now we can barely afford a thimbleful.
It is a charity which gets a thimbleful of public money by comparison to their counterparts in Scotland, for instance.