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one of two shafts extending from the body of a cart or carriage on either side of the animal that pulls it

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Expanding into the Research and Development Park at Florida Atlantic University will enable us to tap into the brightest talent in the South Florida area," Thill said.
Thill said that there is hope for sales to workers of the full Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet, which is due to launch later this month.
The court heard that Crawford used his parents' home at 567 O'Malley Park where he was living, as a headquarters for criminals looking to establish strongholds in the Sou thill area.
Pearson Education is faced with an impending lawsuit after two of its business textbook authors, Courtland Bovee and John Thill, claimed that they have been deprived of royalties owed to them on the sale of their books in the international market by the publisher.
My lawyer disguised it to move it through," admits AFLPA Co-Chair Michelle Thill.
Larry Thill, manager of statistical services for the American Association of Insurance Services, said companies have begun to report far greater volumes of umbrella/excess premiums and losses since statistical plans were expanded in the mid-1990s.
Some were either not noisy enough or had noise sources other than the freeways,'' said Michael Thill, an Illingworth and Rodkin consultant.
Thill, is a step forward, but we still haven't seen any results for the current year and Maxim needs to work out its issues with its banks.
Almost every law enforcement agency serving Kalamazoo County will be testing the Infrared Intoximeter 3000 for six months before a decision is made on using the system statewide, said Ronald Thill, Michigan State Police program director for breath and alcohol testing.
With Its Real-Time Analytics and Multichannel Commerce Software, Thill Logistics Goes beyond the Duties of a Fulfillment House for the DR Industry
A last-minute strike from Sebastien Thill earned Luxembourg a 1-0 win over Macedonia.
Marc Thill, Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics and the Breast Cancer Center at Agaplesion Markus Hospital, Frankfurt.
Computer users will pay less for online versions of Adobe's tools than they do for versions that run on Macs and Windows PCs, said Brent Thill, an analyst in San Francisco.
Jeremy Silverman, of Brass Thill Way, South Tyneside, was with his dog on the Dragon playing fields when dog wardens saw it foul in one of the goalmouths.
Their clash with GMIT was originally fixed for Pearse Stadium in Sal thill but was then switched in midweek to Castlegar on the east of Galway city.