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the longest and thickest bone of the human skeleton

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Besides the alleviation effect in liver, heart and kidneys, we found that the lead-reducing effect of LFBR was also available in some deep distributed tissues, such as thighbone and brain (Fig.
The tub, the bed, the thighbone, the shell collection: these he needs for now.
Internal femoral anteversion (IFA), or twisted thighbone, describes the position of the femur, which is medially rotated on its long axis at birth.
Dad-of-three Michael, of Larbert, Stirlingshire, who broke his thighbone 18 months ago, will be the first fully blind and severely deaf person to climb the peak.
But a badly injured foot and fractures in the thighbone and hipbone will keep him out of the 'beautiful' game for at least six to eight months.
Scientists say cut marks on a rib and thighbone of two fossilized animals indicate that human ancestors-presumably members of the species best known for the skeleton called Lucy (see photo)might have been using stone tools and eating meat 800,000 years earlier than had been thought.
Black, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco, report that the thighbone fractures are so rare, even in women taking bisphosphonates for up to 10 years, that it is not clear whether the drugs make them more likely.
Then he adds his special ingredient: A human thighbone.
The article further states, "A leg-extension machine actually causes the kneecap to rotate on the thighbone.
The monk holds two ritual instruments: a hand drum called a damaru and a trumpet made from a human thighbone.
When the total hip fails, the one third of the thighbone skeleton round this big ballast suffers, it is damaged or destroyed.
The metal ball sat on a short shaft, which passed through the thighbone's neck and was firmly anchored by a plate on the outside of the thighbone.
Elies, 34, was unable to move freely and was in great pain after breaking his thighbone on Thursday when a massive wave hit his yacht while he was changing a sail.
The meniscus in the knee helps to transmit weight between the thighbone and shin bone.