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Yet amputations for thievery have not stirred the same international commentary as stonings.
7) They defended the phone recordings that shed light on so much corruption, outright thievery and other improprieties.
Abdullah Abdlbari, 20, from Taiz, wondered about the continuity of this problem, saying that he hopes the whole of society would cooperate and eliminate the thievery.
We are aware of some thievery by - of all things- crows.
In turn, this information can serve a range of uses, from sanitary certification and breeding to geographic positioning, regulatory compliance, risk management, thievery prevention and product traceback for food safety.
HE continuing uncertainty in the streets of cities, Ttowns and villages across England ought to act as a spur to those opposed to looting, thievery and arson.
Summary: For a self-professed (and self-deluded) man of the people, Moammar Gadhafi has, over more than four decades of thievery and oppression, amassed an obscene amount of money.
From strange requests of her family to the encouraging family thievery, Fellner delivers an offbeat story that reads like something off a sitcom, but is oddly true.
ASTOR REGRETS: THE HIDDEN BETRAYALS OF A FAMILY BEYOND REPROACH tells of the fate of Brooke Astor, a philanthropist whose pristine family fell apart under public scrutiny of thievery, mistreatment, and more.
Enlisting the help of a girl named Rain, who uses her athletic abilities to carry out acts of petty thievery, Nikki uses all her gymnastic and free-running skills to stay ahead of the gang and keep her brother from being killed.
RUMOUR has it that Richard Johnson is so tight he can peel an orange in his pocket, but there is no doubting his generosity in the saddle and the ride he gave Thievery at Hereford yesterday was simply outstanding.
THIEVERY can complete a quick double by landing the feature chase ay Hereford.
Aggressive Fall Release Schedule Kicks-Off with Highly-Anticipated Albums From Joe, Cold War Kids, Thievery Corporation, Everlast and RA
I also read that in England, one of the parishes has an older church with lead shingles and they have had to replace the lead twice because of thievery.
CLINTON - A man wanted for thievery throughout Worcester County was arrested in town on Tuesday morning.