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Lee Evans is terrific as a thick-witted, kind-hearted man-child on the verge of a nervous breakdown in this oddly pitched comedy.
Empson baited Gardner as a child might harass a teacher unable to maintain the respect of more disruptive pupils; and so, at one point, he describes her as having `the voice of a determinedly cheerful teacher drumming the point into the heads of some hideously thick-witted class'.
The thick-witted script is full of bad jokes and thuggish violence.
Shortly thereafter, Gyura is plucked from a bus by a thick-witted rural policeman who at first seems to be rounding up Jews for his own private amusement.
Directed by Renny Harlin with crude overstatement from a thick-witted script by Shane Black.
Washington is held for ransom by a thick-witted group of kidnappers (including Slim, a dim bulb played by writer-director Pooh).
DEAN Martin as smirking secret agent Matt Helm in the first of several thick-witted `comedy adventures.