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having a thick body

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Vipera Berus (Adder): Relatively thick-bodied, they indulge in various activities including basking, foraging and hibernation.
Its clusters of straplike leaves resemble overgrown spider plants; spreading one leaf cluster apart, he reveals clots of mud at the base--ideal habitat for the thick-bodied naiads of M.
Fair organizers were seeking to prevent children under 9 from exhibiting their porkers because the officials feared some are too small to handle the thick-bodied animals.
Upon entering the Bide-a-Wile Motel, Stephens sniffs the musk of envy and shame coming off its thick-bodied proprietor, Wendell (Maury Chaykin).
Stacking and pressing repetitive shapes on one another creates unusual, thick-bodied candles with squared-off edges.