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Synonyms for theurgy

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

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the effect of supernatural or divine intervention in human affairs

white magic performed with the help of beneficent spirits (as formerly practiced by Neoplatonists)

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12) In the European Middle Ages, he was associated with alchemy, magic (Neo-platonic theurgy and talismans) and astrology--hence his appellation as Hermes Mercurius Triplex.
20) What will become remarkable in this analysis is how Proclus advances a form of philosophical prayer, which, as Iamblichus similarly argued, is more than just [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or simple contemplation, but is rather a kind of divine activity or work, that is, theurgy, which harmonizes one's will with the will of the divine through their acts of providential care.
To take an example: Andrew Smith discusses Porphyry and religion over the course of six pages (345-50), while John Dillon deliberately inserts only a passing note regarding theurgy in his chapter on Iamblichus, stating that the attention garnered by that issue has in his opinion been exaggerated (373-4).
Cultivating the Garden; On Paradise and Kabbalistic Theurgy
Their theurgy is the vampiric shadow that consumes its source, the mockery that the image reflects on its hosts and generators.
2004, "Unio Magica: Part II: Plotinus, Theurgy, and the Question of Ritual", Dionysius, vol.
Much of the essay is concerned with the combining of Platonic Ideas, Angelic Orders, and Neoplatonic theurgy.
The young Israeli improvises at public concerts, conjuring the great masters of the 18th century with a baffling sort of musical theurgy.
a theurgy that proposes to sing, to invoke, that which is essential and most like proper human beings" or that which expresses "adequateness to our own core.
His commitment to articulate a structural demise for such concerns has been vigorously recorded by the Platonist Hermeias whose commentary accords with the scholarship of Proclus who accepts theurgy as an ideal response to the on-going intellectual debate at his time (30).
As practiced by Iamblichus and others, theurgy consisted of ritual incantations and other practices held to purify the philosopher's soul and assist its ascent from the realm of matter and becoming to the realm of Intellect and Being.
who assigned a pivotal role in approaching the One not to contemplation, theory, or theology, but to the magic operations of theurgy which can reveal in a wordless and non-speculative way the signatures of the God in matter.
Noam Flinker gives a new meaning to literary theurgy in Shakespeare and Milton.
She shows that later thinkers, building upon these insights, could take seriously theurgy (Proclus) and relics (Victricius of Rouen), insisting that the later thinkers did not weaken early theories so much as shifted the locus where transcendence could be found.
35) For a discussion of the stereotypical association of women with witchcraft, of the contrast between lower, folk practices such as goetia and theurgy, and of the association of necromancy with clerical learning see Richard Kieckhefer's seminal Magic in the Middle Ages (Cambridge U.