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Shorecrest Thespian Troupe 3140 is co-sponsored by choreographer and dance instructor Cheryl Lee and theatre and playwriting instructor Bill Leavengood.
Hamlet also exemplifies the discursive practice of a philosophizing thespian.
Rokem focuses on philosophers who sought out thespians as their "other" or "missing half"; a parallel history suggested but unwritten in his book would assess how it could ever have been or seemed to be that philosophers wrote as though there were no thespians or thespian issues worth either addressing or acknowledging.
Multi-year contracts have been renewed with the California State Thespian Festival and the California State Bar Association.
Maybe that's also why the South Harmon Institute of Technology - the movie gets a lot of mileage from its acronym - doesn't offer a course titled ``Vince Vaughn: The Lost Years,'' covering Vaughn's wanderings as a dramatic thespian between ``Swingers'' and his ``Old School'' rebirth.
CORRECTION (ran 2/12/02): Arun Storrs, a student at South Eugene High School, qualified for the State Acting Competition at the recent Oregon Thespian Southern Regional Acting Competition held in Corvallis.
Tom Courtenay was honored that same year for portraying master thespian Albert Finney's backstage sycophant in The Dresser.
According to Francavilla the Lenci's will use the funds to continue the support of the Rebecca Christine Lenci Thespian Memorial Scholarship Fund at Point Loma High School.
Especially up against Harris, who exemplifies stage acting at its detailed and radiant best, Bacall looks more like someone shopping for a handbag at Benders than a legendary thespian.
Next, it's an all-out thespian bowl in the second match that even the biggest movie awards can't beat when the clay rendition of Robert DeNiro goes head-to-head with the clay rendition of Al Pacino.
Since the film revolves around Venus in Furs, a band that radiates Bowie's thespian excess, both actors and rockers supply the characters' singing voices.
She perfectly underscores all the comedic elements as Alice ridicules her husband's failures, while Edgar scores with a series of well-timed one-liners about her less- than-stellar thespian skills.
And Roger Allam, as Williams' stand-in, an ostensibly droll Southern playwright who seems to think he's a master thespian straining to reach the cheap seats when he uncorks drivel such as, ``Baby, this party is crawling with stately witches and dandies, who, despite their elegance, are really just hookers or pimps.
In December the company is staging its own version of A Christmas Carol, adapted by young Thespian Alex Watkins; and next year it will perform an Oscar Wilde classic, The Importance of Being Earnest, and the modern comedy classic Blackadder Goes Forth (selected to commemorate World War One).
Kohl Sudduth is balding thespian Quentin King, who plays rebel Stone Anders.