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Synonyms for thesaurus


Synonyms for thesaurus

a book containing a classified list of synonyms

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ELSST is a broad-based, multilingual thesaurus for the social sciences that is used to search the CESSDA data catalog and is based on HASSET.
With seven word games, a calculator, metric and currency converter plus auto shut off, the Collins Thesaurus is amazing value.
The 1980s: Music Library Association Music Thesaurus Project Working Group
You can add labels (pref, alt, hidden) to the concepts of your thesaurus based on suggestions for synonyms and translations provided by data from DBpedia.
Key words: OMCCAAF, organizational memory, knowledge management, accounting & financial taxonomy and/or thesaurus, conceptual framework
Its new thesaurus lets users see words in real-world sentences drawn from a wide ranging collection of texts, allowing the user to compare words side by side.
The International Food Information Service (IFIS) is pleased to announce that a major revision of the FSTA[TM] Thesaurus has now been released.
The 1970s were exciting years for those involved in subject analysis--a term used broadly here to encompass indexing, classification, thesaurus construction, and related "manual" or intellectual means of identifying topical content.
The Thesaurus contains the vocabulary used by the American Psychological Association when indexing all of its electronic databases in order to maintain consistency.
That process includes This article looks at the logical relationships between the categories that have led to the development of the thesaurus, including the historical origins of thesaurus construction.
The thesaurus offers over 2,500 entries, giving parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and sample sentences for each word, with small blue-tinted illustrations on most pages.
HumanWare, a manufacturer of assistive technology, has released the Concise Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus for use with the BrailleNote family of braille notetaker products.
Features are a full keyboard, large LCD screen and spell check, thesaurus, word and page count tools, and Spanish-English word lookup.
A classification scheme based on a Nested Self-Organising Map (NSOM) and a query refinement mechanism based on a fuzzy-related thesaurus were proposed to promote the qualities.