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Synonyms for thermostat

a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat

control the temperature with a thermostat

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Honeywells INNCOM e7 Thermostat expands on its industry-standard energy management and network solutions.
The Nest Learning Thermostat, owned by Alphabet, is now available for purchase in the Emirates.
UEI said it intends to operate the acquired business as a wholly owned subsidiary and market the energy monitoring, thermostat, sensor products and services under RCS brands and its trademarks, building upon RCS' many years of experience, expertise and innovation in the industry.
The smart thermostat market is projected to have accelerated growth over the next five years, driven by several factors: advancements in communication technologies; consumer interest in home automation and monitoring; a push for energy conservation; and the growth of utility and government-sponsored programmes.
Nest may be looking to release a more affordable version of their thermostat, according to a (https://www.
The new touchscreen thermostat allows residents to remotely monitor and manage their comfort settings anytime, anywhere from their smart devices, said a statement from the company.
The increase in demand for smart homes is expected to drive the demand for smart thermostat market in the forecast period.
A thermostat can be classified into two: smart thermostat and regular thermostat.
If programming your current setback thermostat drives you nuts, you'll like the ease of programming a Wi-Fi unit.
It is not another Wi-Fi thermostat - Wi-Stat IIIe communicates via extremely robust and already proven Meshscape(R) wireless mesh technology and can be easily deployed in large, multi-story buildings or can be used as your regular programmable thermostat.
Once purchased and installed, operating them with the ideal thermostat settings can also lead to significant savings.
com)-- NetworkThermostat, a leading communications-based thermostat manufacturer since 1995, is proud to announce the CloudConnectTM service for their Net/X[TM] Wi-Fi and Ethernet smart thermostats.
Spending $200 or more to replace that older, still functioning thermostat with a new whiz-bang "smart" variety might seem like a waste of money, but it can be one of the best small investments a homeowner can make, given the potential for energy and cost savings down the line.
Three cases have been studied regarding different thermostat setpoint strategies: room air temperature (RAT), mean radiant temperature (MRT), and operative temperature (OT).