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Synonyms for thermostat

a regulator for automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat

control the temperature with a thermostat

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A $50 instant rebate provides a great incentive for those wanting to take advantage of the latest in thermostat technology and continues our tradition of offering customers innovative ways to save.
The increase in demand for smart homes is expected to drive the demand for smart thermostat market in the forecast period.
NetworkThermostat's approach to smart thermostats integrates all of the web pages, schedules, date and time settings, alerts, passwords, network settings and notification destinations directly into the thermostat.
This simple looking round thermostat is reminiscent of old-school thermostats that one would manually adjust by turning the temperature dial.
The thermostats have a contemporary design and new touch controls that allow them to be operated without pressing any buttons.
Nest allows you to control your thermostat from outside the house from your Smartphone or tablet.
The call to 'Get Your Jumper On' highlights the fact that switching down a thermostat by just one degree can be easily compensated for by simply wearing a few extra layers.
He has come up with a new thermostat idea that programs itself by learning which temperatures you prefer and when, as well as adjusting itself downward if you're not in the house, reports the BBC.
At the offices of a petrochemical company in Van Nuys, a pregnant woman was convinced that the working thermostat was broken because she just couldn't cool off.
Now when the light bulb turns on, its heat will warm the thermostat so it thinks that your house is warmer than it really is.
The DOE calculates that your energy bill will go up three percent for each degree you raise the thermostat.
The suspect thermostat is a Southeast Industries Inc.
David Baughan, 63, of Lancing Road, Bulkington, died after touching a live thermostat at Hagard Youth and Community Centre, in Remembrance Road, Willenhall.
Install a programmable thermostat to automatically lower nighttime temperatures.
Managing today's rising utility costs with a dinosaur thermostat from the 1950s can be a money-losing proposition.