thermoplastic resin

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a material that softens when heated and hardens again when cooled

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We believe our car is the first in the world to employ a thermoplastic resin, which offers distinct advantages over thermoset resin, such as faster production cycle times, higher impact resistance, easier recyclability and no VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions during processing.
Meanwhile, thermoplastic resin lenses can be produced by injection molding, and the tact time is shorter than that for other types of resin.
said Monday it has set up a unit in China's Jiangsu Province to manufacture and sell Funcster, a type of long-fiber glass reinforced thermoplastic resin, with production expected to start in September 2012.
The thermoplastic resin must be the same in the front and back layer; a flat roll is used for heat bonding at a temperature of 50-120 [degrees] C below the melting point of the thermoplastic resin filaments after which the calendar treatment is carried out at a temperature of at least 10 [degrees] C, higher than the temperature of the heat bonding and lower than the melting point of the thermoplastic resin filaments.
developed long fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resins with improved impact resistance, including 10-20 wt% long fibers, 50-77 wt% ethylene-propylene copolymer, 10-36 wt% thermoplastic elastomers, 0.
Niino and Nodono developed a fluorescent, filled thermoplastic resin with good light emission by ultraviolet irradiation.
The laminated sheet comprises at least: a layer (layer A) contacting with the circuit side, made of a thermosetting resin; a layer (layer B) directly laminated on the layer A, made of a thermoplastic resin having a tensile modulus of from 1 to 300 MPa at 40 [degrees] to 80[degrees] C.
The articles can be laminates of colored or reflective layers on uncolored or other layers, or one or more colored layer having colored fluidizable particles are dispersed within the surface of the uppermost composite layer or having either the colored fluidizable particles or the granules are dispersed on the surface of the composite layer or are adhered thereto with a thermoplastic resin.
Patent 8,536,248 (September 17, 2013), "Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin Composition and Molded Article," Masahito Nakamoto and Koichi Tezuka (UMG ABS, Ltd.
C&A is the first manufacturer to mine this abundant waste stream to recycle the thermoplastic resin into a high-performance carpet backing.
It comprises a permeable core with a thermoplastic resin material reinforced with a web of reinforcing fibers and discontinuous natural fibers.
Products compounded into thermoplastic resin or dry blended by end user.
The tire tube of the invention includes a tube main body having a multilayer structure in which at least one rubber layer and at least one thermoplastic resin layer made of a thermoplastic resin or a thermoplastic elastomer composition obtained by blending an elastomer in a thermoplastic resin are laminated together.
Hashiba has produced a molded article by mixing a plant material such as kenaf with water and a thermoplastic resin for injection molding.
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