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using nuclear weapons based on fusion as distinguished from fission

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Russia's participation in ITER is an opportunity to look beyond todays technological horizon and to create a scientific and production base for its own projects in the field of thermonuclear fusion.
A conclusive analysis will take days or weeks, but weapons experts said the sheer force of the explosion is highly suggestive of a thermonuclear bomb.
Salehi, heading a high-ranking nuclear delegation, recently visited International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor in France.
Considering its research of nuclear technology, its history of underground and projectile tests, and elapsed time since its nuclear development, North Korea has the foundation for thermonuclear weapons," CBR said, according to Yonhap.
of Nevada) explores ways small thermonuclear explosives could be ignited besides the standard critical mass approach, which is only possible in massive operations.
The report was prepared within the Controlled Thermonuclear Research (CTR) Branch of the AEC's Division of Research by Amasa S.
The issue of nuclear tests, considered of great strategic importance, is mired in controversy, particularly the performance of the thermonuclear (TN) device.
Santhanam, the erstwhile field director of the tests, that all the Pokhran II tests, including the thermonuclear one, were successful.
The store's head chilli pepper buyer Jonathan Corbett: "The Dorset Chilli is without doubt thermonuclear in heat which only those with the strongest stomachs should even try.
At the Economic and Financial Affairs (Ecofin) Council meeting in Brussels on 27 March, the ministers approved the establishment of an EU Joint Undertaking for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project.
The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project by the US, EU, China, India, Russia, Japan and South Korea will attempt to combat global warming by harnessing the fusion that runs the sun, creating an alternative to polluting fossil fuels.
The last thermonuclear explosion in RS Ophiuchi occurred in 1985.
It was powered by thermonuclear blasts ignited by laser beams.
This infuriated scientists at Los Alamos, who had in fact run the thermonuclear tests that had helped pave the way for the bomb.
Japan considers giving up int'l thermonuclear reactor bid (Asahi, Nihon Keizai)