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congealing tissue by heat (as by electric current)

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Radiofrequency thermocoagulation (RFTC) is a viable alternative treatment for LBP.
Thermocoagulation caused by radiofrequency is the aim, and the irreversible character of the procedure brings the necessity of an ideal indication.
Radiofrequency thermocoagulation is promising not only for chronic pelvic pain control but also in pelvic pain secondary to malignancy particularly when the ganglion is localized by radiologic imaging techniques.
Successful relief of hip joint pain by percutaneous radiofrequency nerve thermocoagulation in a patient with contraindications for hip arthroplasty.
Endoscopic intervention with injection of adrenaline and sclerosants, thermocoagulation and band ligation have been used successfully in some cases.
The two newest devices are the TissueLink, which applies saline-linked radiofrequency energy to liver transection, and radiofrequency ablation, which uses thermocoagulation with parallel probes as devised by Habib.
adrenalin injection combined with thermocoagulation (gold probe) or a mechanical clip device.
12) Surgical intervention may include microvascular decompression, balloon compression, rhizolysis or rhizotomies and radio-frequency thermocoagulation.
LPC was prepared using leaves of berseem by ultrafiltration and acid thermocoagulation (provided by Dabur Research Foundation Ltd, Sahibabad, UP).
Thermocoagulation treatment offers a complete solution to reduce red veins in the face and make spider veins in the legs disappear.
Thermocoagulation for the early treatment of pregnancy with an acardiac twin.
They concluded that thermocoagulation was predominantly a function of set temperature.
All forms of hyperthermia result in sharply circumscribed hemorrhagic coagulative necrosis that soon organizes with granulation tissue; the pattern and extent of injury are determined by the method of thermocoagulation employed, the duration of treatment, tissue perfusion factors, and the ratio of epithelium to stroma in the tissue being treated.
Thermocoagulation diameters of up to 3 to 5 cm can be obtained with the cluster electrode at full power.