thermionic valve

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At this, the twelfth annual collectors' fair specialising in mechanical and electrical gear from radio sets to telephones, a special exhibiton will commemorate One Hundred Years of the Thermionic Valve.
Off the top of my memory stack, here are a few facts to even up the score: 1907 - Coventry Economic Building Society buys first commercial tabulator for doing its books' 1938 - Prof Tommy Flowers invents thermionic valve using own cash which is basis of all early computers' 1942 - world's first computer, Colossus, goes live for decrypting Nazi Enigma intelligence traffic and plays a major part in winning the war'
The EISA judges awarded the HT--E6750W Best in Class not just because it is "bridging the generations between thermionic valves and modern Class D amplification," but also because the combination of its features and functionalities ensures endless home entertainment enjoyment.