thermionic emission

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the emission of electrons from very hot substances

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s], when thermionic emission governs the current transport, variation of current with applied bias voltage for V [greater than or equal to] 3 kT/q is given by [1-5, 10, 16, 17];
The process is called photon enhanced thermionic emission, or PETE.
In contrast to this surface plasmon theory, in which the central role is played by collective electron density waves propagating along the surface of metal films in a free electron gas model, the authors of paper [5] propose that the surface metal-air medium should be regarded as a metal skin and that the ideas of the Richardson-Dushman effect of thermionic emission are crucial [6].
The nanotechnology topics include clumping and packing of hair arrays manufactured by nanocasting, soldering with a heated atomic force microscope cantilever tip, and thermionic emission energy distributions from nanocrystalline diamond.
photon-enhanced thermionic emission for space power systems; 3.