thermal equilibrium

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a state in which all parts of a system are at the same temperature

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The walls are in thermal equilibrium with the enclosed blackbody/thermal radiation.
When the Earth is in thermal equilibrium the energy leaving the Earth, by blackbody radiation into space, must equal the energy received.
The homogeneous phase models of the previous section rely on thermal equilibrium between the phases considered.
Focuses on the question then become how thermal equilibrium is established between body parts; e.
In the homogenous model, the liquid and vapor phases are considered to be in thermal equilibrium and moving at the same velocity.
Charging the heat reservoir results in thermal stratification layers of different temperatures within the store--and discharge of heat does not take place until thermal equilibrium is reached, which could take several years, says Norton.
1978) modeled one-dimensional vapor-mist flow of wet steam with and without shock waves in converging-diverging nozzles and assumed that the flow was at thermal equilibrium.
A thermal equilibrium is established between the cooling water entering the bottom and the heat entering the top.
Such state-of-the-art practices allow Fujitsu Asia to take steps (such as adjusting the electrical loads for individual racks) for maintaining thermal equilibrium within the DC.
After thermal equilibrium was reached, the expansion of the material was conducted vice versa and again the temperature change was measured.
During the experiments, the initial temperature of the reaction cell was set at around 20[degrees]C after which the cell temperature was raised to 100[degrees]C at a 5[degrees]C/min heating rate and retained for 30 minutes at 100[degrees]C in order to reach thermal equilibrium in the reaction cell.
Vapor phase also offers processing advantages with large mass connectors because the thermal equilibrium is superior.
This measures sample enthalpy that is characteristic of prior thermal history where the material has had a chance to relax slowly towards thermal equilibrium at the chosen temperature, i.
In this case the thermal equilibrium began after 15-20 s, and the temperature of rolls reached 350-370 [degrees]C.