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Synonyms for thermal

rising current of warm air

relating to or associated with heat


caused by or designed to retain heat

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By technology, the global thermal printing market can be segmented into direct thermal technology, thermal transfer technology and others.
Thermal Care considers the Turbocor design "ideal" for mid-range chilling applications.
We've listened to our customers and developed Thermal TRACK 5 to meet their need for a portable and convenient thermal process optimization tool to work in the tight confines of their fabs," said James Pascale, SensArray customer commitment advisor for ISIS 5 systems.
Six specimens of 7 % mass fraction yttria-stabilized zirconia coating produced by EB-PVD on nickel-based superalloy substrates have been measured for thermal conductivity.
After his indictment for manufacturing marijuana, (9) Kyllo moved to suppress the evidence gathered in his home on several grounds, including the use of the thermal imager without a search warrant.
In addition, experiments by several groups have shown that thermal proteins can self-assemble and behave as enzymes, inhibitors, and precursors of proteins found in contemporary living cells.
These factors significantly altered the economic case for thermal sand reclamation.
Less polymer breakdown: Medium thermal black reduces the nerve of the polymer and does not increase the viscosity to any large degree.
Moreover, this agreement with Thermaltake serves as a resounding validation of WayCool technology and its commitment to cost effective thermal cooling solutions for the high-end gaming and related industries," noted Russell Wall, CEO of OnScreen.
Since damage results in local thermal barriers, we decided to use a quantitative measurement of relative heat transfer in these panels to show a correlation between damage and thermal conduction.
However, it can be argued that metals' high thermal conductivity cannot be effectively utilized if they conduct heat to the surface of a product faster than air-flow convection can remove heat from the surface.
A thermal imager is extremely sensitive and reportedly can detect temperature variations as small as 0.
While thermal systems can use either gas or electricity for the calcining stage of the operation, thermal reclaimers using electric power offer some unique advantages over gas-fired units.
An addition to the popular Thermal-Eye 4000 series product line, the 5000xp thermal imaging camera enables users to see the unseen with much improved clarity and sharpness and, ultimately, to make better and more informed life-saving decisions.
Researchers used a high-speed thermal imaging system to investigate the dynamic thermal behavior of MEMS based microhotplate devices.