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Synonyms for thermal

rising current of warm air

relating to or associated with heat


caused by or designed to retain heat

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Timed with the launch in Europe, the Seek Thermal Compact and Compact XR imaging cameras will be featured at the upcoming IFA Berlin 2015 consumer electronics trade show with the company's distribution partner Kondor in Booth Hall 4.
Thermal Care, the first company to develop plastics chillers with the Turbocor compressor, has sold 31 of them.
Customers can use Thermal TRACK 5 to conveniently characterize wafer temperature profiles; calibrate and check temperature setpoints; troubleshoot temperature-related critical dimension problems; and run pre-defined preventive maintenance checks tailored to specific equipment and processes.
A one-sided guarded-hot-plate apparatus was used for measurement of thermal conductivity.
The Ninth Circuit's struggle to decide this case is a reflection of the divergence of opinion that had developed in the courts regarding the warrantless thermal scanning of a home.
Fox maintains that thermal protein microspheres could have provided a protected environment in which complex information-rich macromolecules bearing genetic information could have assembled themselves.
The thermal reclamation feed system holds up to 24 hours worth of sand.
Less power consumption: Since medium thermal black does not greatly increase the viscosity of the compound, less energy is consumed mixing the compound.
Thermaltake, based in Taipei, Taiwan, is the global leader in Thermal Solutions and Thermal Management for the PC and industrial markets.
We used an infrared (IR) scanning system to observe the transient thermal behavior of 12 (3 sets of 4 each) graphite-epoxy panels of which a third were obtained from the Air Force and the rest obtained commercially.
Also, thermally conductive plastics typically boast lower coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) than aluminum and can thereby reduce stresses due to differential expansion, since the plastics more closely match the CTE of silicon or ceramics that they contact.
A thermal imager is extremely sensitive and reportedly can detect temperature variations as small as 0.
While thermal systems can use either gas or electricity for the calcining stage of the operation, thermal reclaimers using electric power offer some unique advantages over gas-fired units.
An addition to the popular Thermal-Eye 4000 series product line, the 5000xp thermal imaging camera enables users to see the unseen with much improved clarity and sharpness and, ultimately, to make better and more informed life-saving decisions.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Thermal Power in Iran, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2014 - Capacity, Generation, Power Plants, Regulations and Company Profiles http://www.