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Synonyms for thermal

rising current of warm air

relating to or associated with heat


caused by or designed to retain heat

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The courts that have upheld the warrantless use of thermal imagers have stressed that officers using the device did not physically intrude upon the area scanned.
The EPRI Center for Materials Production has recognized the desirability of developing a thermal sand reclamation system that would operate at high temperatures and at high throughput levels suitable for processing both organically bonded and green sands.
It is important to establish what is to be achieved from a thermal reclamation system.
Accurate measurements of thermal conductivity is vital to computerized predictions of flow and cooling because it influences the rate of melt cooling and solidification in injection and blow molding tools and downstream of the die in extrusion.
By combining conventional SANS studies of freestanding thermal barrier coating microstructures with NS-SANS and anisotropic USAXS studies of the modifications introduced when the thermal barrier coating is in situ on the substrate, a valuable validation tool is becoming available to support industrial thermal barrier coating design.
PL Thermal Sciences also showed its new Plus V software for thermal analysis and material characterization.
First and foremost there has been marked progress with Thermaltake Technologies, the Taipei-based, global leader in Thermal Solution and Thermal Management for the PC and industrial markets.
Appleton produces carbonless, thermal, security and performance packaging products and provides secure and specialized print services.
January 25 - Thermal Design - Analytical & Experimental Simulation
RMS was able to achieve this dramatic size reduction through enhanced thermal performance - based on a liquid-cooling system featuring an innovative cold plate from Amulaire Thermal Technology - as well as close attention to system packaging details and inverter efficiency improvements.
Andigilog aSC7621 and aSC7611 Thermal Management System Controllers Integrate Fan Control with High Accuracy Temperature Sensing for Better System Performance
sp3), a supplier of DiaTherm[TM] diamond heat spreaders and diamond products for solving thermal management challenges in high-performance applications, announces a strategic partnership with Ceramics Process Systems (CPS), a developer and manufacturer of Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) thermal management and packaging solutions.
Ceramics Process Systems Corporation (CPS) (OTC Bulletin Board: CPSX), a developer and manufacturer of Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) thermal management and packaging solutions announced today a strategic partnership with sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc.
OTCBB:ONSC), the global leader in developing cutting edge thermal management technologies for integrated circuits and LED signage, today announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Thermaltake Technologies Co.
Vette Corp, a leading global provider of thermal management solutions, has acquired ERM Thermal Technologies, Inc.