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an electronic musical instrument

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In 2016,you founded the Lichtzwang ensemble, which has quite an unusual instrumentation: piano, trumpet, 'cello and theremin.
2) The theremin chair was invented by Russian physicist Lev Sergeyevich Termen (Westernised as Leon Theremin) in 1920.
The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt is filled with deep reflection and symbolism, and even the instrument Lena herself plays is packed with meaning: the theremin was the first electronic musical instrument invented, and requires players' hands to hover over -- but never touch -- the instrument.
Original music for Lorelei's composition is performed by Jason Smeltzer on a Theremin, the only instrument which is not physically touched to be played.
A theremin is the first fully electronic instrument and it is played without touching," Jorgensen said.
Enriched with a medley of performing instruments from synthesizers to theremin, marimba, accordion, and kazoos, Odds & Ends expresses the pure delight of music.
In Branching Music (Score Sheet 1-29), a grid of thirty black-and-white photographs of tree branches doubles as a graphic score: In fact, the images were "played" on a theremin during a 2013 performance at the gallery.
The Radio Redux version will incorporate a theremin as well as musical effects created by The Jewel Tones, a Eugene vocal trio.
Billed by Say's record company as an album that "brings together experimental elements and various [musical] disciplines," "Yeni E[currency]arkylar" features a diverse mix of performers accompanying Say in the songs, including violinist Cihat AE-kyn, theremin player Carolina Eyck, harpist Ecay-atay Akyol, percussionist Aykut KE[micro]selerli and ney player Burcu Karaday-, among many others.
Highly regarded as an influential writer and critic in the world of independent music, Sean Michaels writes his first full-length work of historical fiction about a strange, warbling electronic instrument known as the theremin and its prolific inventor, Lev Sergeyvich Termen.
An innovative writer who employs unconventional structures and complicated arrangements to her haunting, and often amazingly beautiful, songs, she's also a talented multi-instrumentalist who plays an impressive 19 instruments, including the theremin and '70s-style synthesizers.
asks the band's manager Don (Scoot McNairy) and Jon is hastily enlisted to play a gig that night where he must gel seamlessly with theremin player Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal), French bassist Baraque (Francois Civil), percussionist Nana (Carla Azar) and quixotic lead singer Frank (Fassbender).
The occasional flashes of whimsy are charming but undercut by flashes of cruelty with Maggie Gyllenhaal, as the band's vile theremin player, belonging in another movie.
At 14, Gould has already graduated from high school and started college, and he plays everything from the banjo to the theremin (think early electronic sci-fi soundtracks).
He uses instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers but also a vintage electronic music device known as the theremin, which is operated without any physical contact but via two antennae that can respond to the movement of a musician's hands.