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Synonyms for therapy



Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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US Proton Therapy Center Infrastructure Analysis: Treatment Rooms & Proton Accelerator
In working with Mexican-American children and parents/guardians, offering a warm handshake and standing close to them may help reduce any anxiety they may have about the play therapy situation (Hinman, 2003).
About half of patients receiving either therapy or drug treatment improved markedly, compared with one-quarter of those given inert pills for 2 months.
In conclusion, I am very fortunate to have had success with HCV therapy and eradicated HCV.
Bangsberg: The major players in HIV are not natural funders for generic antiretroviral therapy.
areas of deficit before deciding on the therapy treatment plan.
Here's the reality behind the WHI: Basically, in 2002 the WHI found that women taking the hormone therapy Prempro, composed of progestin (a synthetic progestogen known as medroxyprogesterone acetate or MPA) and conjugated equine estrogen, had a 26 percent increased risk of invasive breast cancer, a 29 percent increased risk of heart attack, a 41 percent higher rate of stroke and more than a 100 percent increase in blood clots in the lung.
Fifty-six percent of women had tried to stop using hormone therapy since July 2002.
The psychologists' group "is a much, much larger" organization, he adds, and it has so far not offered any resolution specifically about conversion therapy.
Massage therapy manipulates soft tissues of the body for increased health.
To many patients already accustomed to accessing CAM therapy on their own, extensive utilization management of CAM therapy, as expected with an insured product, may be perceived as an actual reduction in access.
Familiarity with play therapy for children with physical disabilities may become an important tool for rehabilitation counselors who work with children.
The first gene therapy patients are being treated at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.
Assessment of the Chinese pharmaceutical market, analyzing the key prescription therapy areas, as well as OTC and TCM medicines