theory of gravity

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(physics) the theory that any two particles of matter attract one another with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them

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While Newton's theory of gravity is mostly good enough to describe the motions of the solar system, it is around very dense objects like pulsars and black holes that general relativity becomes indispensable.
The team wants to see whether the stars are pulled toward each other as general relativity, the leading theory of gravity, predicts they should be.
This paper considers the implications of a teleparallel theory of gravity where the underlying space-time corresponds to a flattened version of the isotropic solutions rather than the usual geometric coordinates.
Newton published his theory of gravity in his much celebrated work the Principia (1686) but there was some controversy.
Supermassive black holes are the most extreme objects predicted by Albert Einstein's theory of gravity -- where, according to Doeleman, "gravity completely goes haywire and crushes an enormous mass into an incredibly close space.
We will have to adopt Newtonism in order to defeat feudalism," he said explaining that the scientist Issac Newton formed his proverbial theory of gravity after he observed the falling of an apple from a tree to the ground.
Over the past quarter century, new observations and phenomenological models have propelled cosmology forward; at the same time, once-shy string theory has been filling out as a possible candidate for a quantum theory of gravity.
The account of Newton's eureka moment, which led to his famous theory of gravity, forms part of William Stukeley's 1752 biography of the great scientist.
Settlement building defies Isaac Newton's theory of gravity that can now be modified: What goes up will probably never come down.
Some physicists are even willing to burn down their old sainted Einstein and revise his theory of gravity, general relativity, to make the cosmic discrepancies go away.
I saw a kid's balloon floating up and away the other day and thought, "So much for the theory of gravity.
They have since become accepted as a natural consequence of general relativity, Albert Einstein's theory of gravity.
The famous mathematician unravelled the theory of gravity but could find no sleep solutions when his head hit the pillow.
I'd like to thank Ellery Schempp for making us aware of the moral ramifications of teaching our young people the theory of gravity ("Warning: Gravity is Only a Theory," September/October 2006).