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the production or use of theories

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What is missing in the SCM discipline, however, is a discussion of the need for multilevel theorization.
However, it is with the transition to systematic theorization, especially as Iroegbu projects, that the work fell in love with in developing its idea.
12) Now, I do not believe that these policies were instituted because of mainstream feminist theorization on privacy.
Vicuna's theorization of how sound, visual form, and space effect the mestizo poetics that informs the anthology also points to nontraditional "poetry" or poetic practices such as installations, performances, and the Andean khipu (seen in several separate configurations).
However, implications of individual and collective intention and actions are not minimized in Roman's theorization as they are in Palmie.
Although she makes brief reference to Judith Butler in the introduction (13), further theorization concerning gender performativity and the discursive construction of gender in the collections she examined would have strengthened Ray's conclusions in the epilogue, particularly in light of her savvy reading of Lando as a ventriloquizer of the female voice and the counter-example provided by the analysis of Andreini' s ventriloquization of the male voice.
In the next three chapters, Tillschneider shows how Muslim jurists adopted the 'amm/khass discourse from theology and situated their theorization of the dichotomy between these two positions.
Theorization is defined as "self-conscious developments and specification of abstract categories and formulation of patterned relationship such as chains of case and effect".
For East and West Germany during the Cold War, the creation of art and its reception and theorization were closely linked to their respective political systems: the Western liberal democracy of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the Eastern communist dictatorship of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).
The popular texts are perhaps less attuned to and even unaware of contradictions, but they are also less willing to compromise the concrete materiality of the body, which always seems to resist theorization.
While valuable observations are made throughout the text, and Mack has clearly done thorough and diligent research, opportunities for theorization and synthesis are not taken, leaving the reader hanging and perhaps slightly disappointed at the close of the first section.
Fisher distinguishes between the modern, rigid theorization of gender difference and the early modern tendency to conceptualize the boundary between 'nature' and 'culture' as more 'malleable' (p.
Once theorization has begun, no clear rules exist to terminate the process.
Although written from the vanguard field of urban studies, its content and theorization cuts across multiple disciplines and fields, to surface issues of nationality, gender, class and race within the socio-economic and political sectors of Johannesburg South Africa.
To grapple with this radical shift, curator Nicolas Bourriaud expands on his famed 1990s-era theorization of relational aesthetics to encompass interactions among "human beings, animals, plants, machines, products and objects" in a biennial that unfolds, fittingly, off the coast of mainland China, but still in proximity to its black winds.