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the production or use of theories

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In the next sections, we will first review relevant literature on Asiacentricity, integration, and dialectics followed by the theorization of the paradoxical approach to communication.
Rather, the problem lies in that her theorization is employed haphazardly, and seemingly more for dramatic effect than for establishing a clear logic that can explore the relationship between popular culture and the self.
What is missing in the SCM discipline, however, is a discussion of the need for multilevel theorization.
Demonstrating that Palikur knowledges are based on movement and a careful theorization of what it means to be present in a place, the book makes a sustained case for engaging with different ways of knowing.
Based on a combination of policy-, production- and content analysis of comprehensive empirical data the book offers an innovative perspective on the theorization of global news contra-flows.
Although written from the vanguard field of urban studies, its content and theorization cuts across multiple disciplines and fields, to surface issues of nationality, gender, class and race within the socio-economic and political sectors of Johannesburg South Africa.
In order to investigate the development process in the Middle East and North Africa, one must go beyond the traditional disciplinary framework of economics, based largely on the experience and theorization of European and North American development, and attend to socio-cultural and historical specificities as central explanatory variables, argue Romagnoli (economics, U.
By examining Woolf's theorization of materiality and materialization of theory, Ryan argues, we might not only contribute to contemporary theoretical conversations, but also underscore the indebtedness of contemporary theory to modernist literature.
The concluding walking tour occasionally creates a comparable impression, despite its promising theorization as a flanerie with invocations of Walter Benjamin and Derrida.
Drivers: analytical thinkers who are intellectually creative and prefer experimentation over theorization
In a similar vein, a more sustained theorization of the sublime noir, particularly its relationship to contemporary conceptions of the sublime, would have strengthened the final chapter and conclusion.
These chapters make for compelling reading--a judicious blend of narrative, illustrations, and just enough theorization.
But there is no real critical analysis or theorization of the social form of state relations themselves.
Indeed, it is precisely in theorizing virtuality that the genre's theorization, use, and operation potentially shift.
Snowsell's theorization of fandom is engaging and constitutes a valuable contribution to reception studies.