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Synonyms for theoretic

existing only in concept and not in reality

concerned primarily with theories rather than practical matters

Synonyms for theoretic

concerned primarily with theories or hypotheses rather than practical considerations


References in classic literature ?
The life of Obed had been so purely theoretic, that his amazement was not the least embarrassing at a state of things which might not have proved so very remarkable had he been a little more practised in the ways of the world.
It was true she had a theoretic objection to compliments, and had once said impatiently to Philip that she didn't see why women were to be told with a simper that they were beautiful, any more than old men were to be told that they were venerable; still, to be so irritated by a common practice in the case of a stranger like Mr.
The Safety Hazard Analysis Tool (SafetyHAT) facilitates the use of a hazard identification method known as System Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA).
The chapters discuss the historical context of Bible courses in public schools from the 18th to the 19th centuries, current local and state efforts to promote elective Bible courses in public schools, the question of the constitutionality of said elective courses, the case for religious instruction about a variety of religions to promote religious literacy, the evolution versus creationism (or "intelligent design") debate, the politics of abstinence-only sex education, and the liberal theoretic argument against school choice and sectarian schools.
The ceremony included a briefing about the course theoretic subjects and practical applications.
Tatjana Popovska comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the last two days, in which there is at least a theoretic chance, to find a solution to the political impasse and avoid having Macedonia enter the biggest conflict after the one of 2001, are beginning to be spent.
The programme is to offer youngsters an opportunity to not only receive both practical and theoretic training, but also the opportunity to receive permanent employment after the two year training is complete.
He has over 250 publications and presentations, including 100 journal publications, three major books in statistics and econometrics, and 11 book chapters, with his most recent book being An Information Theoretic Approach to Econometrics.
It aimed at affirming the true historic value of Ugarit culture that presented to the world the first alphabet, the first theoretic science for music and the diyatonic heptagon musical scale 1000 year before Pythagoras of Greece.
Specific topics include the Hodge theoretic fundamental group and its cohomology, the real regulator for a self-product of a general suface, Lipschitz cocycles and the Poincare duality, zero-cycles on algebraic tori, motives associated to sums of graphs, and double shuffle relations and renormalizations of multiple zeta values.
In reviewing total cost concepts, Baumol and Vinod (1970) developed their inventory theoretic model that traded transportation off against inventory holding thus providing two key variables in offshore sourcing.
In this paper, a public key cryptosystem using Number theoretic transforms (NTT) [7, 8, and 12] over the ring of integer modulo a composite number n resistible against brute force attack is discussed.
We did publish at least one highly theoretic piece this year--a discussion of the nature of moral values and moral reasoning, aimed at exploring whether concerns about altering human nature, or about the human relationship to nature generally, can fit into moral deliberation.
Eifelheim's sudden vanishing act baffles 21st-century scientists Tom, a mathematical historian, and Sharon, a theoretic physicist.
It by raise experimental diagram indication a engines equipment with system from electronic injection from gasoline type Bosch Motronic and will be to compare with indicated diagram theoretic for propose model by the author.