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Synonyms for theorem

Synonyms for theorem

a broad and basic rule or truth

Words related to theorem

a proposition deducible from basic postulates

an idea accepted as a demonstrable truth

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Indeed, if there is some (-1)-curve, say C, in Exc(f), then by Castelnuovo's theorem, contracting this (-1)-curve in X/[X.
Observe that if in Theorem 12 we have m = n = 1, the statement of Theorem 12 becomes the statement of Theorem 3 in [6].
Emami, A fixed point theorem for contraction type maps in partially ordered metric spaces and application to ordinary differential equations, Nonlinear Anal.
9] proved the following theorem as a corollary of a theorem on triangle-free Euler tours in connected 4-regular graphs.
This will prove the theorem for this case because by Theorem 16 the problem of determining if P4 decomposes a (6m + 1)-regular graph is NP-Complete for all m [less than or equal to]1.
Theorem has offices in more than 30 countries worldwide, offering expertise in a range of therapeutic areas and all phases of development.
It was the first major theorem to be proved using a computer.
Spanning nearly 8 months during 2014, the Theorem team organised supplier days and seminars to help to inform and educate users from the engineering, manufacturing and design communities who use CAD and Visualization tools.
For this version, all users must ensure that they have upgraded their license to the Theorem Solutions version 17.
Capacity Theory With Local Rationality: The Strong Fekete-Szego Theorem on Curves
The following two theorems generalize [3, Theorem 2.
If 1 + [alpha] [less than or equal to] 0, then the theorem is obvious.
Abstract: This article examines the debate over the Coase theorem that played out in the Economic Record during the 1970s.
Altun: Some generalizations of Caristi type fixed point theorem on partial metric spaces, Filomat, 26(2012), No.