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a visible (but not necessarily material) manifestation of a deity to a human person

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In Borges's Rubaiyat the idea of the world as a theophany is coupled with the idea of the world as God's dream.
Besides the importance of the theophany itself, the experience of the disciples underscores the importance of getting away from it all so as to gain a perspective that cannot be had in the midst of the fray.
George sprinkled blessed water onto people who chose not to jump into the river and who continued to sing the Theophany hymn.
We are therefore accomplishing, through these ecumenical meetings, a divine theophany.
As well, Santiago's marlin and David's broadbill in Islands in the Stream operate as "ichthiomorphic theophany," the appearance of God as fish.
In flat contradiction to the later writings of Eusebius, especially his Theophany and Commentary on Isaiah, Brown argues that Constantine and his Christian contemporaries could not "envision the emergence of Christianity as a majority religion" (p.
As a "good Christian" I too mouthed the theophany of the Nicean Creed that Jesus was "true God and true man"; but this was just a neat formula.
In the course of his argument against the "Jewish" exegesis of the theophany at the burning bush, Justin writes, "Those who say the Son is the Father are refuted as not having known the Father nor knowing that the Father of all has a Son who also, being the first-born Logos of God, is also God.
What the poet says here is that on Earth she represented to him a theophany, a disclosure of the divine.
We, too, may be reminded at this Theophany that we can go home by another way, a way other than that of security first and caring second, and know that we have been changed for the better, that virtue can replace vice, goodness can be chosen rather than evil, and good news can take precedence over news of fresh disasters.
This act of sculptural manifestation is called agalmatophany, which, along with the appearance of a god, or theophany, was not only common practice in Jason and the Argonauts, but also in Greek mythology.
WAR AND PEACE IS A THEOPHANY wrapped in a Bildungsroman encased in an epic--and not exactly a heroic epic.
Most people who use this term are referring to theophany, the sudden and dramatic manifestation of God or the unveiling of a mystery.
He describes Jesus's baptism as a theophany, "a manifestation of the triune God" and reminds us that all four Gospels link Jesus's baptism to the Trinity.