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Synonyms for theologize

treat from a theological viewpoint or render theological in character

make theoretical speculations about theology or discuss theological subjects

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Further, learning to theologize in conversation with the poor is itself creative -- the back and forth reveals added layers of meaning about God and humankind, even as it affirms the perduring mystery of God.
28] Although derived from the ethical relation, the call to justice nevertheless requires and legitimates the call to philosophize and to theologize in a systematic manner.
Hwang in 1968, modeled the process and became a seminal work toward formalizing contextualization as a way to theologize about the church in culture.
As such, this article exemplifies how theologians can self-consciously theologize about the immanent and transcendent power of the Christian myth to work in and through historical events to foster what the Creator God desires for all humanity: liberation from sin, oppression, and death.
58), and the way he uses the Heideggerian expression "openness to Being" seems to theologize Heidegger's project, suggesting that the person open to Being could receive revelations of sorts from some mysterious entity.
s work is an appreciative celebration of what it means to theologize from concrete situations and to let the ambiguous experience of reality shape one's theological reflection.
They narrowly theologize to protect the status quo.
Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz is a Cuban, lay woman theologian, among the first Latinas to theologize precisely as a Latina.
Its real importance is the challenge to how we theologize about Jesus.
If it spurs a single reader more seriously to reflect on and theologize about the nature of inspiration in a more theologically concrete manner, its publication will have been justified.
All who minister to or theologize about this generation should read it carefully.
As with most liberation theologians who theologize from a contextual basis, his starting point is not a method but a people--the lived experience of an oppressed and marginalized group.
Feminist liberation theology week provides an opportunity to theologize in a diverse group.
Rather than theologize in terms of creation and incarnation in Christ, S.
One cannot theologize about sexuality and celibacy without firm, clear regard for the nature of each.