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The Roman Catholic theologists testify that Saint Sava was church and political missionary and peacemaker.
The visits of radical theologists and the reaction of the Islamic Religious Community come in a period when wahhabism, as a radical version of Islam in complete contravention of the moderate teachings that have been practiced in Macedonia for centuries, is increasingly more talked about among Muslims.
Police searched houses of theologists in six provinces within the scope of the massacre at Zirve Publishing House in eastern province of Malatya.
Expert theologists have endeavoured to create a deep and enduring partnership between the Buddhist and Muslim faiths, so as to enable them to understand each other.
67) among the mission theologists (whoever they are), inevitably uncritical towards missions (as if I could never be an historian of ideas and had never written Payback (1994:288-321
Its founders, Marcus Meckel and Martin Gutzeit, were Evangelical theologists who had been thinking of reestablishing social democracy in the East since April of that year.
Guests range from landscape architects, psychoanalysts, theologists, art historians, artists, eco therapist Mary Jane Rust and ecologist Gary Grant.
As it is now, vaguely bigoted theologists, ignorant pietists, jealous churchmen, unintelligent men, whose very existence seems like a sarcasm upon creative wisdom, with leaden wit and stinging irony swarm about the adventurous surveyors who are searching God's handiwork and who have added to the realm of the knowledge of God the grandest treasures.
But we are home to a group of forward-thinking professors and theologists who have gone out of our way to push for teaching the gospel with technology like Mediasite.
Zhang uses three lines from "At Half Past Three a Single Bird," a poem by Emily Dickinson, as a starting point, then cites extensively the writings of ancient Chinese and Greek philosophers and theologists, classical European poets, 19th-century American essayists and contemporary Chinese scholars in order to trace reversal as a form of return--dialectical reversal as a circle to symbolize a human being's "spiritual journey in the shape of a perfect circle.
The passage was, according to the dominion theologists themselves, written by Moses, along with the rest of the Book of Genesis, in 1445 BC.
So magnificent and so magical is this divine harmony of the Universe that even the greatest scholars, physicists, philosophers, theologists, astronomers, they still don't have all the answers, still seeking the answers.
Some theologists speculate that Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth.
Range connects contemporary feminism to the legacy of theologists who have come before her and then takes it beyond the present to a promising future.
It's a movement whose revolutionaries hail from diverse backgrounds, representing conservative fundamentalist Christians, Pagan anarchist punks, Greens, union workers, liberation theologists, and all sorts of folks in between.