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The pastor as theologian was an important model in the church until the early 19th century.
Last Friday, a Synod committee -- comprising the bishops of Paphos, Tamasos, Trimithounta, Karpasia and Arsinoi -- excommunicated the young theologian, citing his heretical views on Orthodox faith and teaching.
We now view the academy as the principal vocational home of a theologian.
The "innovative and often controversial" pastoral and theological literature produced by francophone theologians in the province of Quebec is little known in English-speaking circles.
Theologian Agnes Brazal, director of the Office for Research and Publications and coordinator of the graduate program at St.
Iranian Vice President Muhammad Reza Mirtajeddini, a theologian who accompanied Ahmadi-Nejad to Venezuela and stood by as the Iranian president hugged Chavez's mother at the funeral last week in Caracas had initially tried to deny the story, saying the photo was a fake.
Theologian Bekir Halimi said that these words do not suit a man, let alone a political leader, who represents a major part of the Albanian nation who is Muslim.
This tension seems inevitable if we understand the respective jobs of the bishop (chief catechist) and the theologian (critical assessor).
Shaikh Ghaith Shubar, a Najaf-based Ja'fari theologian, says the spiritual guidance of the people in Iraq has become stronger than that offered in Iran.
I suppose that every Baptist theologian, including those of us who are not as historically informed as Garrett, would write each of these chapters differently.
Ralph's "retirement" from active teaching gives me and I hope the readers of Currents in Theology and Mission the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the vocation of a theologian in the twenty-first century.
Now for the theologian or the man of religion or the philosopher of religion, there is no way that biology can destroy his view of Divine causality.
Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran theologian executed for his opposition to the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.
Weigel, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington DC, is a Catholic theologian and leading American commentator on religion and public life.